MFASO Lecture

Rochelle Feinstein

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2:00pm - 4:00pm

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205 Hudson Street is pleased to announce an artist talk by Rochelle Feinstein as part of MFASO Spring 2017 Lecture Series. Rochelle Feinstein explores the history of painting, including text-based work, Neo-Expressionism, and collage, to create her distinctive if varied oeuvre. For Feinstein, each painting relates to temporal or emotional states. Though there is no clear stylistic commonality among her output since the 1980s, Feinstein’s work is always concerned with the perceptual and cognitive experience a painting elicits. The art critic Barry Schwabsky wrote that her work “might almost have been made with the didactic intention of demonstrating how many different things can be done through the abstract, formal manipulation of paint in conjunction with the judiciously ebullient admixture of collage elements drawn from the stuff of daily life.” In recent years, Feinstein has reworked her older pieces, collaging photographs on top of old paintings and presenting slides of early work with text scrawled over the image.