MFA Thesis Spotlight Hosted by Hauser & Wirth

Last spring, the MFA Thesis Exhibitions for 19 graduating students were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This fall we are presenting their work in four exhibitions at 205 Hudson Street, and Hauser & Wirth will host an online exhibition featuring the 19 artists beginning November 10.

Miguel Angel Payano Jr installing work in the 205 Hudson Street Gallery.

The exhibitions at 205 Hudson Street are open by appointment only:

Part I
Gravity Spell
September 20—October 3
Miguel Payano, Matt Jones, Tom Morrill, Andrew Foster, Noah Stitt

Part II
October 17—31
Johanna Strobel, Adam Shaw, Maya Yadid, Olivia Divecchia

Part III
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November 7–21
Sam Sherman, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Grant Wells, Nurya Chana, Alex Bustamante

3D rendering of Part III: Insterices is courtesy of Sugimoto Reproduction @sugimotoreproduction

Part IV
Save the Last Dance
November 28–December 12
Amra Causevic, Taylor Laufersweiler, Kristina Schmidt, Eric Lotzer, Kathleen Granados

Nurya Chana in her studio at 205 Hudson.

Echoing the exhibitions at 205 Hudson, The Hauser & Wirth spotlight will unfold online with the same four thematic groupings, ‘Gravity Spell’, ‘Thresholds’, ‘Interstices’, and ‘Save the Last Dance,’ which highlight the students’ diverse approaches to medium, technique, and subject matter. These groups of works will be accompanied by interviews and texts from Joachim Pissarro, Professor of Art History and Director of the Hunter College Galleries, and Carrie Moyer, Director of MFA Program in Studio Art. The presentation will also include photographs and videos that further illuminate the working processes and vision behind each student’s practice.

‘Since our earliest days almost 30 years ago, Hauser & Wirth has prioritized a commitment to arts education and community building in the cities where we work and have gallery spaces,’ says Marc Payot, President, Hauser & Wirth. ‘Our relationship with Hunter College is part of this longstanding effort, and we are honored to be working with Joachim Pissaro, the Hunter faculty, and the students of this historically important institution. The graduate exhibition is a milestone in the evolution of artists who are moving from an academic environment into the wider world of a life in art. It is a rite of passage, but also a critical moment of growth for the artists. During this unprecedented time, our gallery is thrilled to be able to provide a platform that can raise awareness of both this talented group of students and one of the city’s most diverse MFA programs, which has been a training ground for some of the most admired senior figures in the art world today.’

Hunter College is part of the City University of New York (CUNY), a distinguished public university, and its MFA in Studio Art program offers students a critical framework to develop their artistic practice. Deeply rooted in the New York arts community, its alumni and faculty have shaped the landscape of contemporary art, and have made significant contributions to the field as artists, educators, and art professionals.

“I’m grateful for the exciting opportunity our MFA students will have thanks to the virtual presentation of their artwork by Hauser & Wirth,” said Jennifer Raab, President of Hunter College. “While an in-person exhibit of their artwork at Hunter is still available by appointment, these virtual presentations have the power to reach—and move—so many others. It’s an invaluable way to jumpstart their burgeoning careers.”
Jennifer J. Raab, President of Hunter College

This project is part of #artforbetter and reflects Hauser & Wirth’s longstanding philanthropic framework which includes university partnerships across the gallery’s global locations. In addition to its ongoing programming for local universities and youth groups, Hauser & Wirth Somerset hosted an exhibition of ten graduates from Bath Schools of Art & Design this summer. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is four years into an ongoing partnership with Cal State LA, and in 2019 announced a grant of USD 1,000,000 to support the undergraduate Television, Film and Media Studies program, with a view to developing a positive, lasting relationship with the LA community.

Sculpture by Maya Yadid.

Adam Shaw and his paintings in the 205 Hudson Street Gallery.

The Fall 2020 Thesis Exhibitions at 205 Hudson are open by appointment only and at a limited capacity. Visitors are required to follow Hunter COVID-19 protocols, which includes wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing, and completing a NY State mandated health screening. Contact Tim Laun to make an appointment: