Ludovic Nkoth portrait

Ludovic Nkoth

Studio 475

BFA, University of South Carolina Upstate

Concentration: Painting

Projected Graduation: Fall 2021

My journey began in Cameroon, West Africa. The vibrant cities inspired me at an early age, so much so that I spent much of my time there filling sketchbooks. My work explores the relationship between the body and urban spaces. Fighting to figure out what it really means to be a person, new tensions are crafted from both opaque and transparent layers infused with rich textures and colors. Ever since I was a pre-adolescent I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the moment. What starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a dialectic of greed, leaving only a sense of chaos and the prospect of a new understanding. As momentary replicas become distorted through frantic and critical practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the edges of our condition.


les Racines


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