Nick Peelor portrait

Nick Peelor

Studio 372

Denver, Colorado/Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Institute College of Art

Concentration: Sculpture

Projected Graduation: Spring 2026


SAD Lamp Water Ionizer
Plywood, enamel paint, automotive wax, diffusor, rubber paint, 12,000 lumens of daylight balanced light from 3 LED bulbs, 7 water atomizers, water, resin.
H: 60" W: 50" D: 16"


Negative Ionizer
Plywood, vents, formica laminate, three negative ionizers
H:64" W: 24" D: 24"


Plywood, joint compound, enamel paint, oil paint, acrylic mirror, custom plumbing, automotive wax, polyurethane, resin, water, pond pump
H: 98" W: 26" D: 42"


Air Purifying Plant Fixture
Plywood, enamel paint, resin, oil paint, flamingo flower, devil's ivy, striped dracaena, lime light dracaena, Boston ferns.
H: 48" W: 46" D: 6"


Himalayan Pink Salt Negative Ionizer
Plywood, enamel paint, automotive wax, twelve five pound himalayan pink salt lamps
H: 50" W: 44" D: 24"