205 Hudson Rules and Procedures

MFA Survival Guide

Hallway Storage Guide

The MFA building is open every day from 8am – 11pm. You must leave the building by 11pm. Security personnel will check all studio and common spaces to make sure everyone is out. There are periods of time when the building is open 24 hours (prior to Mid-Program Review, Open Studios, and the Thesis Exhibition). These times will be announced in advance. The MFA building is open every day except for major holidays.

Beginning Wednesday, August 25th, 205 Hudson will be open to Hunter MFA/BFA Students from 7am – 1am.

2. When entering the building, you must swipe in or show your ID to lobby security. All currently active MFA students will be given a building FOB that allows them into the front door. You must also keep your Hunter ID with you at all times while in the building. Guests are allowed by appointment only and must be approved by the MFA office in advance. Drop in visitors are not allowed. Please notify the MFA office in advance if you are bringing a large group to the building.

3. Bike access. Between 8am and 6pm you must use the freight elevator to bring in a bike. There are no exceptions. If you are bringing your bike into the building after 6pm, you may use the building's front entrance and the Hunter-dedicated elevator only. In order to protect the floor, we ask that you lift your bike off the ground as you move through the lobby.

4. Heavy/bulk materials must be moved using the freight elevators only.

5. Moving large items out of the building. A Property Pass from the MFA Office will be required when taking large items OUT of the building. See the MFA Public Safety desk on the Second Floor.

6. Loading dock hours are 8am - 6pm, Monday-Friday. No appointment is needed. You must have a valid Hunter ID. There is a 30-minute time limit. The loading dock is located at 6 Desbrosses Street, New York NY 10013

7. No Rooftop Access. This applies to both the top of 205 Hudson, and to neighboring rooftop spaces next to MFA studio windows. Violators will be reassigned to new studios.

8. Do not store trash in studios. All trash must be bagged and brought out to the trash bins in the hallway. Consult with the MFA Office prior to discarding large items.

9. Please minimize the use of toxic materials as much as possible. All hazardous materials (including solvents and oil based paints) must be covered and/or contained when not in use. All solvents should be disposed of in the Hazardous Waste collection area (room 209).

9. Any areas of the building altered in the course of displaying work must be fully and promptly restored.

10. Woodshop, darkroom, and computer lab hours will be announced each semester.

11. Be respectful. Keep noise at reasonable levels especially in proximity to seminars rooms.

12. Absolutely NO smoking inside the building at 205 Hudson Street.

13. Please be aware that CUNY does not permit the consumption of alcohol on any of its campuses, including 205 Hudson Street. We are able to serve drinks at certain events if and only when we apply for and receive a New York State liquor license, such as Open Studios and gallery receptions.

14. Signage is not permitted on the building facade or in the windows without permission from Hines Management.

15. Deliveries and shipping. You must be PRESENT to receive any large deliveries (lumber, materials etc) - there are no exceptions. You may have small packages shipped to the building. The MFA Office will receive your package as a courtesy but we are NOT responsible for any lost items. All delivered packages can be found by the 2nd floor kitchen area.

All mail/packages should be sent to:

Hunter MFA and BFA Studios, Suite 200
205 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

16. Covid Safety Protocols. Only currently active students, staff, and faculty who are vaccinated are allowed into 205 Hudson, unless you have successfully applied for a medical or religious exemption. Masks must be worn at all times, except when you are alone in your studio. Social distancing and occupancy limits must be respected for all spaces. There are no unauthorized guests allowed in the building. All visitors must be approved by the MFA Office and must be for professional and/or educational reasons. No drop-in visits are allowed.